Hi fashion lover, welcome to Amari Boutique Online!
Amari is a fashion boutique, founded by Ninin and Astrid in 2008. In the beginning, Amari was focusing the work in batik, by chance that Ninin is a long time batik collector. The applied batiks in Amari's work are the selected batiks, so you will not find same pattern on every Amari's collection.

Amari has working with numerous partners and has wonderful relation with the customers. Amari is strive to satisfy partners and customers by create the new designs and broaden the work by create casual wear, moslem wear, and accessories.

You are welcome to visit our boutique at Ragunan, Jakarta Selatan. We will greet you with our special collections. If you don't have chance to visit our boutique, you could see our new collections through this website.